Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Heart


Saturday,I wish something special on u,I wish to do something usefull n different today..but today I do something that I always do.I go to school !!!! now i feel like i'm in weekday not saturday...I'm bored,so bored wat to do?i dont know,dont ask life is so boring,I wanna go hotfm mini jam today,but i'm sure I"ll not go.I wanna watch movie,but i now that i can't go by my self ,if i ask dad,he'll hurt my heart,NOBODY WANNA LISTEN TO ME!!!! if today I have trouble,I dont have anyone that wanna share with me,if i'm sad,same things happen.if i cry,nobody care..know i'm in trouble but i can't share it..

p/s:this entri not actually about saturday but my heart.


1 comment:

Je suis un combattant said...

ai...lain macam jer entry ni..when i am at ur age, i dun have as much freedom as you, i am not able to go and watch movie and the worst of all, i don't have a any sister to ask her to bring me to watch movie.You are so much lucky. who said you don't have anyone. you have us. bila kak yong dah dapat gaji, kak yong bawak kamu pergi tgk movie. and as for abah, you will hurt him more if you keep insisting him to bring you to watch movie and etc.

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