Sunday, May 26, 2013



Alhamdulillah, today, after a very tiring wait for their call, finally YSD called me at 11.43am..
I was nervous, but Alhamdulillah i can answer all their question.So i just wanna make it short..

The question they asked me was,

1.Tell me about yourself..
- i answered everything about myself in short..

2.if i give you a chance to do a research what topic you will do a research on?
- i answered that i want to do a research on how  to create something to substitute INTEL.

3.If succeeded to create this Intel substitute, will you sell it or give it for free..?
-if i succeeded to create this Intel substitute, as a beginner i will give it for free but i will do a pro version so that people who like this product can buy it for a better service, but i will try to sell it so that my Muslim brothers/sisters can use it then boycott Intel..

4.I give you a situation.listen carefully..It was raining very hard, and you can only drive for 80 km/h..and your friend is reluctant to continue the journey..but you have to go for a very important appointment..what will you do?
-so if that's the case, i will take other transportation, like cabs or bus..or if the place is  not very far from me, i will try must best to run to the place..(it was not a very good anwer,but that's the best i can came out with at that time.)

5.what if, your friend is very sick and she can't continue the journey, what will you do? will you bring her to the clinic or go for the appointment..?
-i will bring her to the clinic because my friend is my first priority,and i believe that, if i help my friend Allah will give a better opportunity because Allah's plan is always the best..:)

that's all the question they asked me, the conversation took 6 min 16 sec..IAllah I've done my very best..

I hope all my readers pray for me so that i can get this scholarship and continue my studies abroad..


Nur Khaleda said...

Semoga hang dapat, amin :)

Aqilah said...

amin..tq wey..

Miss Ima said... are so lucky. ..

Aqilah said...

alhamdulillah, bru dpt call je..x confirm dpt scholarship lagi :)

Bibi Jiha said...

hi aqilah,are you past to the next stage YSD?

Aqilah said...

bibi jiha : i past the online assement but after that i had no news from YSD..i've been waiting for 2 months now..did you take this interview too?

Bibi Jiha said...

Aqilah: yes I take this assessment too and still waiting the result :)

Able Ang said...

Hi Aqilah, I just passed the phone interview. For the next stage which is the online assessment, is it subjective or objective? Cuz the time for the test is 2 hours o.0 to answer 30 Numerical Reasoning and 18 Verbal Reasoning questions.

Aqilah said...

I'm sorry, this is an old post.. And i didn't remember well.. But i think it is an objective questions.. Good Luck :)

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