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Yesterday (26/8/2013), I bought my new laptop..
I made a lot of research before i decided to buy this laptop. The reason i chose this laptop is because my sister used this brand for 3 years without any problem at all.

And the next reason is because this laptop brand have many service center near my place which is around KL and there is one in Lowyat at floor 4. So if anything happens, i just can go send my laptop there.

The price of this laptop is much cheaper than any other brand like Asus with the same spec. I bought this laptop for RM 2570..It is a lot more cheaper than the original price which is RM2899/2799. So i think it is worth it.

This laptop spec is as follows (i'm copy pasting) :

OS Processor Chipset
Windows 8
Intel® Core™ i7-3632QM (2.2GHz up to 3.2 GHz, 6MB L3 Cache)
14" HD WLED Multi Touch
Nvidia GT740M 2GB
4GB (1x4096)RAM

LAN: Yes
BT: BT 4.0
Web-cam: HD 720P With Array Mic
Speakers: Yes
Card Reader: Yes
USB: 2 x 2.0; 1 x 3.0
VGA: Yes
Battery: 4 Cells

2 Year Limited International Warranty Service (IWS)
Free 3 years McAfee Internet Security License

This laptop is a touch screen laptop, so I've been thinking whether i should by the touch screen or not..I'm having a hard time deciding..so i googled and googled and came across with articles saying that, later windows want all laptop with 4th generation Intel must have touch screen.. So, why not i'm a step ahead with my 3rd gen Intel right?

Anyway, I've been told by Lenovo promoters saying that they take extra precaution on the screen too. They added a layer of rubber inside the screen so that it can absorb shock or whatever it is that can protect my screen. That's why the screen is a lil bit thick compare to the other type of non-touch laptop. So, i felt secured. Anyways, having a touch screen laptop is fun though especially when you want to flip through screen with this Windows 8. Windows 8 is also the reason why many company started to develop their product to touch screen.

 I'm going to study Science computer for the next 3 years and the half, I don't want to take risk buying computer with a low spec as i do not know how am i going to "torment" this laptop in the future, and my dad said it is ok to buy for RM 2500. That's why i decided to buy i7 instead of i5.. anyway the price difference is not too big..

I would like to thanks my Mom especially because she is the one who struggles to save money to buy me this laptop in order to help my dad. Because he is gonna spend a lot more on me..I'll make sure to take good care of this precious baby with my life and i'll study hard. IAllah..Keep your prayers flowing for me..Love you all with all my heart because of Allah..

my precious baby

Thank you for reading

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