Friday, January 23, 2015

Restaurant Review : GOMOK IPOH


Last 2 weeks, my family and i, went to Gomok Ipoh. It was a new restaurant in town and my sister kept mentioning about it for days and finally she succeded in persuading my dad to go there for dinner.

My first impression on the restaurant was good.. It is nice and i would say trendy? I like the way they decorated the restaurant it simple but nice. There wasn't many table available by the time i was there but i was told that the restaurant area will be open in the 2nd level soon. That would allow more customers to dine in at the same time.

So when we look at the menu, it tooks us a moment to decide what to eat.. As for me, I'm kinda a-go- for-a-cheap-food person.. but the food price is not that cheap.. it goes from range RM15- RM32.. And the drink can go from RM5-RM8, maybe there is cheaper but i don't remember.. but the best drink cost Rm 8..

The food is good.. The food presentation also is very nice in my opinion, suitable with the price. The service also was good.. before we finish our food, the waiter came and ask our opinion on the food.. I feel good when they ask, at least we can give our opinion and also ask about the food.. Maybe because the restaurant is new, the service was good.. But i really hope that Gomok will continue give a good service to the customer to match with the price they pay to eat there.. We deserve a good service like this all the time..

Below is the picture of food our famiy ate that night:

Chicken Double Duo, i don't really remember the name. Rm 23 

Shoulder Lamb, RM32

I don't remember the name, bur RM8

Fish and Chip, Rm20+

Sirlion Steak,RM30.. This is mine, i like the steak, there is sweet potato(purple color) and we have to eat the steak with with all the sauces, the green, purple and onion one, it was good.. I like it :)

Here's the card:

Ok See you next time for another restaurant review.. Thanks for reading

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