Friday, June 10, 2011


Assalammualaikum, hey all.. Today I'm going to write about my experience when I went to interview for a scholarship yesterday. Like I told you before, if i get this scholarship I will have a chance to stay in USA for 6 months. This is like once in a life time opportunity, so I dont want to let it go.

Yesterday morning I woke up at 6 o'clock to make sure that I'm not late for the interview. The interview was held at Department of Education of Perak. The interview session supposed to start at 8 o'clock but because of certain reason that I don't know, it started a little bit late. Last year , I was the first person to enter the interview room, but this year, I had to wait because my number was 18.

This year, I'm not alone in the interview room, my friend, Ong Xin Rou, also there. We were interviewed together by 4 interviewers( 4 men and 1 women). One of the interviewer was the interviewer that interviewed me last year. I cant remember a lot about what they asked me because my interview session is more to a friendly talk that make me comfortable and I'm not nervous. I have to speak in English. I just speak with confident. And be honest if I don't know certain word in English.

But the 1st thing that they asked was to express myself. I have to explain about me. So I explained a little bit about my family, my personality, my interest and my dreams. And then they asked me how to improve English among student in Malaysia. So I just explain what ever that crossed my mind that time. They also ask me a little bit about Malaysia traditions. Overall the question they asked was more to know about me. I also told them that I'm a blogger.LOL. I'm so proud being a blogger. When I was interviewed by 3 people, 1 of them was checking my certificates and my result. I saw him comparing my marks with my friend, obviously my marks were not as good as my friend. So i told them, even though my mark was not good, but i didn't give up to try this program. I believed that i can survived for 6 months in USA because I'm and independent girl and bla bla bla...Finally I said, please don't judge me by my failures but judge me by my dreams. Then I went out together with my friend. I was so relieved and happy at the same time because I think I have tried my best to express myself and to impress them.

Here I want to say a million thank you to my mom and my friend Mariam who waited for me for such a long hours. I also want to say thank you to my friend from Australia, Tim Harkness, who help me to prepare for the interview. Thank you so much. Not to forget and I'll never forget, to my beloved Dad,siblings, my big family and my other friends who supported me and wishing me luck and to all my readers who prayed for me.OH MY GOD, I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!!!

Oh wait, I'm not done thanking people. Now I would like to thank to all the interviewer yesterday.Thank you for spending your time listen to my story. Thank you for being such friendly interviewer.

So funny, I said thanks to everyone even though I don't know whether I get it or not.. Never mind, I'm just being positive. Sometime dreams do come true.LOL...

P/s: I wrote this post in english because I want my friend from other country to read it too. Sorry for some grammar mistakes. I'm still learning.LOL


Faiqah Afifah said...

this really help
im going for afs interview tomorrow in perak .. hopefully adelah rzeki :)

Aqilah said...

Thanks.. wish you good luck.

Dork_on_fire said...

Thanks for sharing this with us! I have an interview this sat and I'm already feeling the jitters 😂 It was really helpful!!

Dork_on_fire said...

Thanks for sharing this with us! I have an interview this sat and I'm already feeling the jitters 😂 It was really helpful!!

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