Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm A BIg Girl!!!

Dah lama gila x update blog..sesungguhnya telah terbukti la aku bukan blogger sejati...

Look at the title people!!!
Yeah, I'm big2 girl already..I'm 17..few months from now i'm going to sit for my SPM..after that, i wanna do part time job then after getting my result i will go study somewhere else...So it's just in few months..not even a year..everything's going to change..

So to my dear family,
Please believe in me...Put all your trust on me..if you guys dun wanna give me 100% of your trust at least give me 80-90% of your trust..
I will hold your trust with all my heart..I won't betray you guys..I just need you guys to believe me in everything that I did.
I told you guys already,
I'm not stupid and you agreed with that...
I'm not stupid to lost all the trust you give..because the trust is the key to give me the freedom that i love..
I love freedom, I hate to be controlled.

About me and him,
To my beloved sisters...
I know you guys love me,
I know you guys dun wanna something bad happen to this girl,
I knew it,
You wanna meet him? I dun mind about that..
But please, not now..
Me and him just 1 month old..
Let me know him first..
I promise that i'll take every precaution to take care myself
I know my limit..I learned religion to.
I wont hold hands,
I wont sit too near,
I wont do anything that is prohibited in Islam..
I can differentiate which is wrong aand which is right,
Just please, believe in me...I just need your trust..
I'm not ready to let him meet you guys,
Please understand me...

I'm not a good talker like you guys..
I'm not good at expressing myself infront of you,
This is what i can do (wrote it in blog),
I hope you understand me
I hate to hear nag..I just need people to listen
Sometime, i dun wanna tell stories because people will nag at me,
It spoil my mood..
I hate people ask about what i think it's my privacy,
I'm not comfortable with those question,
If you wanna know something, learn psychology..
trap me, and i'll tell you myself..
I hate to be interviewed,
that is why i prefer to keep quiet..
I dun want to be changed before i'm ready to change...

Please let me be myself, please understand me...
I'm trying to be a better person with my own way,
I'm searching myself with my own path,
Just let me be myself...

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