Monday, April 14, 2014

RSS:Strength and weaknesses/ Goal.


My first coaching with my coach:

I was asked to set a goal, so that i can achieve it..
i realised i don't have that specific goal about my personality.all my goals are, i think possible..for example: traveling a lot..possible right?
and strangely i don't have that goal to achieve the highest result in examination like scoring 4 flat every sem..
so i set my goal..a simple one, but always, my problem..TIME MANAGEMENT. I think i know how to solve it..but talking is just so much easier than to do it. I've my planner as suggested..but i don't know how to use it..i can't think of a busy life schedule. But i'm trying now

My 2nd coaching session:
I was instructed to ask my friend to list down my strength and weaknesses. With no surprise i already know what they gonna write down on the paper, i mean my flaws..there are list of it..Honestly, it hurts to know it, but i have nothing else to do except try to improve it day by day..My strength? since i heard so many of my flaws, i became self concern..sometime i don't know what my strength anymore.. :(

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